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Laser Surgery

South Shreveport Animal Hospital offers laser surgery to pet owners in Shreveport, Bossier City, Benton, Keithville and other nearby communities. A newer and more innovative technique used to perform surgery on your pet, laser surgery uses a “light scalpel” in place of the traditional scalpel.

A surgical laser cauterizes the skin as it cuts, sealing nerve endings and small blood vessels as it moves through the tissue. Not only does this surgical technique promote faster healing, it also results in reduced bleeding, as well as less pain and swelling at the site of the incision. Additionally, there is less infection associated with laser surgery since the heat from the laser kills bacteria as the incision is made. The use of laser surgery is optional in some procedures, however, when precision is necessary, laser surgery yields superior results to traditional scalpels. Virtually all of our surgical procedures are now done with a laser.

Many of the surgeries that we perform are elective such as spays, neuters, and declaw procedures. However, we also do a number of non-elective or emergency procedures like ACL repairs, gastro-intestinal exploratory surgeries, and Pyometra removals.

A laser is ideal for a wide variety of surgical procedures for dogs and cats. Laser surgery can help correct many common conditions such as cysts, tumors and warts that may occur around the eyes, ears, in the mouth, and anywhere on the skin. We also perform c-sections, corrective procedures resulting from injury, disease, or congenital (developmental) problems, as well as soft-tissue and orthopedic and corrective surgeries.

Less bleeding, less pain, less swelling, fewer chances of infection, quicker recovery time with less postoperative discomfort, and greater precision makes laser surgery the best choice when there is an option in surgical techniques. The veterinarians at South Shreveport Animal Hospital highly recommend using laser surgery whenever possible.