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Ear Ailments & Otoscopy

If you’ve ever noticed your pet repeatedly shaking his head or scratching at his ears as if something were in them, it’s probably a good idea to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a thorough ear examination.

Dr. Calahan, of South Shreveport Animal Hospital, has a special interest in otology, the study of diseases of the ear. One reason for his interest is that ear disease is a common condition in dogs and cats in Louisiana. He has had extensive training using specialized equipment and advanced techniques to diagnose and treat severe ear problems. Examining your pet’s ears, however, can sometimes prove to be challenging. Dogs, for example, have an L-shaped ear canal which makes them more difficult to check. In order to successfully examine, diagnose, and treat chronic ear conditions, Dr. Calahan uses video otoscopy.

A video otoscope is a small device that has a tiny video camera with a highly magnified lens that transmits images from the deeper parts of the ear canal, the eardrum, and the middle ear to a television screen. The scope provides an exceptionally detailed view of the inside of the ear using fiber optics to transmit a bright light to illuminate the ear canal. Additionally, video otoscopes have a working channel through which instruments can be inserted to grab or biopsy objects or to flush and remove debris in the ear. Another feature of the video scope is that we can share still images and live video of what we see in your pet’s ears right in our exam rooms.

We evaluate ears for several problems, including:

  • Inflammatory polyps
  • Parasitic, bacterial and mycotic diseases
  • Laser ablation guided by the video otoscope for cerumen gland adenomas
  • Evaluation of the tympanic membrane; rupture, tear, bulging (myringotomy to relieve pressure and irrigate the middle ear and infuse antibiotics)
  • Follow-up evaluation and medical progress of the tympanic membrane and middle ear


A veterinary otoscope is the perfect tool for accurately diagnosing and treating challenging cases of chronic ear infections as well as for detecting ear problems at an early stage. Early detection and treatment mean less expense for you.