Boarding and Daycare

~ A caring staff member walks all dogs three times a day, on a leash.

~ Each pet will be treated with a Capstar flea control tablet ($3.50).

~ Each pet boarded will have a brief exam at no charge.  We will attempt to look at eyes, ears, teeth and skin.

~ If any problems are found, that needs immediate attention; we will attempt to contact the owner (at number provided) before treating.

~ If any less critical problems are found, we will discuss them at the times of discharge.

~ Check-in time is after 1:00 pm.

~ Check-out time is before 12:00 pm.

~ If you drop-off or pick-up your pet before or after the check-in/check-out times – your pet may have to be moved temporarily to an alternate space.

~ All items brought must be labeled.

~ All items brought for a run must be able to fit up on the bench (24×36).

We offer Sunday Pick-up between 4-6pm with a half-day boarding charge.



“St. Kitts”

~ Twelve condos available
~ Extra large condos – 24x26x48
~ Each with multi-level benching
~ Privacy panel for litter box
~ 27″ T.V. with cat specific videos for all cats
~ Outside window with bird feeders
~ 90 gallon aquarium
~ Background music
~ Temperature controlled
~ Science Diet food provided

For Our Cats

Kitty Condo “St. Kitts”

Single Condo                             $18.00

Double Condo (when available)         $23.00


Cage                 <20 lbs              $16.00

Play Care

Deluxe Cat Tower

(15-20 minutes in Play Area)

1 session per day              $7.00

2 sessions per day            $13.00

TLC – Cozy Chair

(15-20 minutes of Personal Attention)

1 session per day               $9.00

2 sessions per day             $17.00


“ST. Barks”

~ Five suites available
~ Designed for your pet’s

“Home away from Home” comfort
~ Wrought Iron Bed with Pillow-top Mattress
~ Web Camera
~ 17″ T.V. with pet specific videos
~ French door overlooking the dog park
~ Individual window for extra natural light
~ Ceiling Fan & Rug
~ Bed Time Snack
~ Dogs walked three times daily
~ Temperature controlled
~ Science Diet food provided


~ Specially designed floors and walls for superior comfort and sanitation
~ Stainless steel gates
~ Large rest benches
~ Fleece bedding
~ Skylights
~ Background music
~ Dogs walked three times daily
~ Temperature controlled
~ Science Diet food provided


~ Stainless steel cages

~ Located in Dog Ward or Treatment Room
~ Temperature controlled
~ Dogs walked three times daily
~ Science Diet food provided

Luxury Web Cams

Click one of the links below to see each Luxury Suite

Luxury Suite 1 Luxury Suite 4
Luxury Suite 2 Luxury Suite 5
Luxury Suite 3

For Our Dogs

Luxury Suites “St. Barks”

Rooms              6×7                   $42.00

Two Pets           6×7                   $73.00

Deluxe Runs

Indoor/Outdoor 4×12                    $31.50

Indoor/Outdoor 3×12                    $26.50

Run                   3×6                      $21.50

*Second dog in same RUN gets a 20% discount

Family Room

Three dogs         6×6                  $52.50

Dog Ward

Cage                 <20 lbs              $17.00

Cage                 20-70 lbs           $18.00

Play Care

“Rain or Shine” Play Care

(15-20 minutes of individual Play Time ~ off the leash)

1 session per day              $9.00

2 sessions per day            $18.00

Doggie Day Care

Includes One Daily Playtime (Additional session $8.00)

Dogs walked at noon – no meal

Weekly (Mon-Fri)

Luxury Suite      $115.00/week

I/O 3×12            $82.50/week

Run 3×6            $75.00/week


Luxury Suite       $23.00/day

I/O 3×12             $16.50/day

Run 3×6             $15.00/day