South Shreveport Animal Hospital was founded in December of 1985 by Dr. Gordon Calahan. In 2005 we did a large expansion project that doubled the size of the hospital and added our Luxury boarding facility. There are now have 3 full-time Veterinarians on staff. Dr. Calahan has been practicing in Shreveport since 1981 after graduating from LSU Vet School. Dr. Viki Panos grew up in Shreveport, graduated from LSU Vet School in 2005, and started practicing at South Shreveport in 2007. Dr. Blair Benoit is our newest Veterinarian; she is from Layfayette and started practicing with us after graduating from LSU Vet School in May 2012.

We strive to provide compassionate, preventative care with the best diagnostic tools available to us. All of our surgeries are preformed using a CO2 Laser that promotes faster healing, reduces the risks of infection, and decreases pain associated with surgery. All of our radiographs are digital including our dental images. Dr. Calahan has been performing Orthopedic surgeries since he began practicing in 1981 and repairs ACL tears and luxating patella (knee) surgeries on a regular basis. All of our Veterinarians are trained and regularly preform major surgeries, dental surgeries and cleanings. Our hospital is equipped with a video scope to check for ear mites; aid in treating and cleaning ears with infections; and gives us the ability to show our clients their pet’s ears. Our doctors also routinely treat dermatology issues including allergies, skin infections and parasite prevention. South Shreveport is one of the few animal hospitals that have a Tonopen that allows us to monitor inner-ocular pressures and screen for glaucoma (an eye disease that affects the optic nerve). Dr. Calahan has experience performing artifical inseminations. South Shreveport Animal Hospital recently purchased an ultrasound machine that our Veterinarians are beginning to use during procedures.